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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Video:Corona Virus, 627 dies in a single day in Italy

Information gathered by indicates that the largest daily jump in Italy's death toll, as WHO warns the world's youth they are not invincible against COVID-19.

The death toll from the new coronavirus has surpassed 5,000 in Europe - the new epicentre of the pandemic - as Italy, Germany and Spain reported a steep rise in infections.

Italy announced 627 more deaths on Friday, the biggest day-to-day increase in the country's four-week epidemic, a day after surpassing China's death toll. The total number of deaths in Italy reached 4,032.

More than 209,000 people have been infected by the coronavirus globally and more than 8,700 have died, according to the World Health Organization.

At least 87,000 have recovered from COVID-19, according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University in the United States.
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