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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Sad video:Italian mayors hit hard on residents to stay home

Sad video captured by Algezeera showing  Italian mayor seen in a video pleading the residents to stay at home following the death of the covid19 pandemic situation.

According to reports, Italy recorded the highest number of deaths which led the country locked down.

In a recorded video posted online, Massimilino Presciutti, The mayor of  Gualdo, was seen speaking angrily and aggressively to his people to stay home.
"Do you want all of us to get sick?,
You all are being irresponsible idiots,
Big idiots"

The Mayor of Bari, Anotonio Decaro was also captured in a video telling  residents to go home.
"You have to go home,you cant be here
Dont look at me like that,
People are dying do you understand?
You will make me sick too from heartache"

Another Female who is the Mayor of Rossano Veneto, Morena Martini also recorded a video angrily saying
"One thing that drove me crazy is people going to the hairdresser and beauty salons.
Great, you will die with your hair combed and nicely waxed but you will die"

Cateno Roberto De Luca, Mayor of Messina in a recorded video also said,
"Nobody leaves their home, nobody goes out in Messina.
This is an order so watch out"

Many other mayors also angrily and aggressively spoke to their residents to stop going and and stay indoors to avoid being infected by the deadly corona virus.

Watch the video below


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