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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Video: The Class of 1983 donates to Kwahu Tafo community

The 1983 old students of Kwahu Tafo in the eastern region on Monday March 30 made a donation to Kwahu Tafo community to help the fight against the deadly Covid-19 (corona virus) pandemic.

The presentation of the various items which includes Veronica buckets, liquid soap, hand sanitizes, plastic stands, rubber baskets and other items were given to the community on behalf of the Chief and the Assembly members.

Speaking with Okwawuman Tv, Mr. Joseph Bening Nkansah who is the President Kwahu Tafo class of 83 group disclosed that,  the motive behind the group is to target and support the primary school pupil because most of the school groups normally focus on the second cycle institutions which always leaves the Primary and the Junior High School
s behind.

According to Mr. Bening, the group was formed from different schools  like Presbyterian(presby), Roman Catholic(R/C) and Local Authority (L/A) who completed in the year 1983 in Kwahu Tafo.
We are all aware of the covid-19 pademic global situation which have led most of the countries locked down and as we are from here and completed school here as well, we decided to buy all this items and put it at the vantage places in our community so that they will be able to wash thier hands regulary in order to prevent themselves form the corona virus.He said.

As we already know there is no cure for the virus yet but we were made to understand that washing your hands with soap under running water and using hand sanitzers is the best way to prevent yourself from being infected by the virus and that's why the executive board,the members and the patrons came into conclusion to provide all these items through Nananom and the Assembly members so that it can serve its purpose.He added.

He finally urged all those who completed thier school in 1983 who haven't heard about the group to take part in their activities so that they can build a collective efforts to support pupil  to complete and become useful to the society.

The occation were graced by The Chief Of Kwahu Tafo who double as Twafohene of Kwahu traditional area, Nana Kwasi Opoku Minta, received the items in good faith and encouraged them to do more. In his speech, He said,
" I'm very glad to see my people building a strong team like this to support Tafo community,what I can say is God bless you.

Ever since I was installed as the Chief Of the people of Kwahu Tafo, I always say anyone who have good intentions will be blessed.
We are all aware that the said virus (corona virus) is a dangerous infection and one may not know if someone has been affected or not and so I'm pleased with all this items because its going to help us a lot.
I will encourage you to educate the people as well so that they will know more about how to prevent themselves from the infections.
As the President has said, no one can bring back the dead to life so it's better to loose everything to keep your life because life is everything.
I thank all of you for at least thinking about the Tafo community. On behalf of the Tafoman, we say thank you".
Nana Kwasi Opoku Minta - The Chief Of Kwahu Tafo
And Twafo…Ēhene of Kwahu Traditional area.

Hon. James Afreh and Hon. Boamah Alexanda  who are the assembly members of the two electoral areas, Atia and Akyease respectively in an interview with Okwawuman Tv gave their vote of thanks to the class of 1983  group after the items was handed over to them by chief.

According to Hon. Afreh, they had a series of communications with the Group before the items was brought so he and his colleague had already drawn the map of the vantage points in all the two electoral areas where the items would be placed so that people can wash their hands on regular basis in order to prevent themselves from the Covid-19 virus.
We will also talk to our people to take care of the items.

Finally, Mrs. Grace Korkor Asamoah(Queen) who's the treasure of the class of 83 gave thanks to Nananom and the honourable Assembly members for accepting the items in a good faith.

The video below show how the items were presented

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By: KwahuNiba 

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