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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Breaking: Fulani herdsman shot dead at Agyebura Near Kwahu Tafo

Information reaching indicates that a Fulani herdsman has been  shot dead at Agyebura near Kwahu Tafo in the Kwahu East District.

Agyebura is a farmland(village) located at the outskirt of Kwahu Tafo township.
According to reports, the care taker of the farmland who's name was given as Wofa Kwaku was in his room around 3:00am when he saw three(3) of these Fulani heardsmen with guns heading towards his room. Since he saw them first, he escaped from the other part of the room to hide somewhere and watch them since he doesn't know them and moreover they're holding guns.

When they got to the door, they gave a three warning shots and broke into his room to attack or kill him.
At where he's hiding, they could see and kill him so he had to reply with a shot and one of them was guned down,others disappeared immediately.

Wofa Kwaku came back to Tafo Police Station to a make report after the incident and so the corpse(body) is currently at Kwahu Government Hospital(Atibie) Morgue for further investigations.

Few information gathered by indicates that these  Fulani herdsman are still in some areas in Kwahu destroying and causing damages to people and properties in the area.
A resident also disclosed that, a plantain farm was cut down few weeks ago by these Fulani herdsman to feed their cattle.
By: KwahuNiba

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