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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Sex Leak at Kwahu Akwasiho

Some teenagers in the Akwasiho community have been caught to commit a sacrilegious act which the elders of the community says it is execrable.

It is alleged that some unnamed teenegers used to sleep in a classroom in Akwasiho presby basic school in the said community and engage in indecent sexual acts.

Early Tuesday morning, two boys and some girls were caught in one of the classrooms having slept there overnight on Monday.

The were taken to the palace and the elders of the community meted out some punishment to them.
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They received some strokes of canes not lacerating them, and taken to the school park of the alleged school for the culprits to weed field.

This was to serve as a deterrent to the rest of the teenagers in the community.

The elders have advised the teenagers not to indulge in such acts again since it is a sacrilage to the school and the entire community.

By: Asiedu Christlove/

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