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Monday, October 7, 2019

Why Kwahus are tagged as stingy people

Kwahus are known to be most successful and business oriented people in Ghana.They're a group of people located at the eastern part of Ghana.

There's is a perception that Kwahus are stingy and okwawumantv.com tried to find out the reasons why Kwahus are tagged as stingy people.

First of all the word stingy simply means unwilling to share,give or spend possessions or money or being economical. A stingy person's withholds and finds it hard and uncomfortable.
                             Brief History

According to history,Kwahus were once Ashantis and came to settle on the Odweanoma and Apaku mountains due to wars in the ancient times.
The first people to settle on the mountain were not having access to food and water to make a living.Now to survive on a strange land where they found themselves,they had to find where to get their sources of water and a fertile land for their plantation of crops to make a living.

Mean while, the food and water they carried along wasn't enough to feed their children,wives and warriors and so they had to be economical in terms of their food and water so they can survive until their crops are ready to be harvested.Due to the war, they could not come down from the mountain to search for food because they might be attacked or killed by their enermies and so to survive means to manage their food and other vital accessories in order to protect themselves.

The above reasons give clear indication that what their ancestors went through is in their blood and has passed on from generations to generations.No wonder Kwahu's are manageable and economical in terms of their businesses and money.Most of the  big firms and businesses in Ghana are for Kwahus and it's how their ancestors went through during the ancient time war.

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