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Friday, October 25, 2019

Hon. Jeff Konadu pays a court fine to release a 68year old Abetifi Landlord

The Eastern Regional Secretary Of The New Patriotic Party Hon. Jeffrey Konadu Addo has payed a court fine of three thousand six hundred Ghana CEDI's (GH₵ 3600.00) for a 68year old Abetifi Landlord Kwabena Onwona Domfe to escape 5years in prison.

Hon. Jeffrey Konadu Addo sent delegations to settle the court fine in order to free a 68year old man after he saw the sad story on Crime Check TV platform on social media.

Mr. Kwabena Onwona Domfe was arrested 2years ago for renting out a tenant room for another tenant.

In an interview with Mr. Ibrahim Opong Kwarteng,The executive Director of Crime Check Foundation(CCF), on Crime Check TV GH, Mr. Domfe narrated his story on how he got arrested.According to him, he gave one of his rooms to an old lady and her 6year old grand daughter at Abetifi Kwahu.Although he wanted to rent the room but the old Lady said she doesn't have money so they both agreed that the old lady will live there for free but she  will take care of the house.

After living in the house for about 20years, unfotunatly the old lady died, and some of her family members came to take her goods from the room leaving her grand daughter who had completed school and working ,few cloths and other materials.After few months, Abetifi Town Council gave him a letter to renovate the house because the house was old and so he told the young lady to help him fix the house since she's not paying rent.The young Lady refused and left the house for sometime so Mr. Domfe decided to take her goods to another room and rent it to another person for GH₵400 with a period of 2years.

Mr. Domfe traveled after renting the room and when he returned, the young lady had reported him to police and he was arrested around 9:30pm.After having few misunderstanding with the police, he was then taking to court and was jailed 5 years after refusing to pay a fine of GH₵3600.00.

Mr. Kwabena Onwona Domfe is now a free man after Hon Jeff Konadu made the court fine.
Crime Check Founded as part of their charity works also gave him cloths,toiletries and amount of money to make life bearable for the old man

He finally gave thanks to Crime Check Foundation and Hon. Jeff Konadu and promised to preach and spread the word of God.

By; KwahuNiba

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