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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Audio: Obomeng Chief reacts to the rumor in town

It was reported earlier by that the chief of Kwahu Obomeng has been destooled by the paramount chief of Kwahu, Daasebre Akuamoah Agyapong II and Kwahu traditional council.

Nana Effah Opinamang III has responded to the issues circulating in town and debunks the rumors that he's out of town due to the issues regarding to his destoolment.

He said, and I quote;
"My name is Nana Effah Opinamang III,
I heard on air that I have run away from Kwahu
I want to tell my people that I'm currently at Obo palace and I haven't run away
It is true that I wanted to travel but due to the issues in town,I had to wait and resolve the issues first.I want to tell my people to calm down,I will sit with the elders and resolve the issues after then I will tell you whats next. Thank you".

Berima Osei Berko who's the Abusuapanyin of Nana Effah Opinaman III also indicated that he has been ordered by the chief of Obo and Nifa Hene of Kwahu, Osabarima Nana Afari Obuagyan II to tell the public that ,Obomenghene informed him he will be traveling overseas and even informed the Kwahu traditional council by giving them a letter and so its never true that he ran away.Obohene called Obomenghene to return after he heard of the issue.

Listen to the audio below

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By: KwahuNiba

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  1. Enter your comment...Disregard any information making round in social media circles of this destoolment.Nana Effah Opinamang is Ohene and still remains the Ohene of Kwawu Obomeng.