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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Adawso crowned champions of Kwahu Republic canoe race competitions

Kwahu Adawso hosted and won the maiden edition of Kwahu Republic community canoe race competition.

Kwahu Republic is an event firm,which aimed to promote Kwahu tourism and sell Kwahu together world.They hosts the biggest entertainment show in eastern region known as Bliss On The Hills not forgetting the inter community gala competition which is also one of the biggest competition in eastern region of Ghana.Kwahu Republic were also part of the organizers of Yenko Kwahu Festival that took place just last week at Kwahu.

The program that took place on Saturday September 28 2019 at the bank of the Afram river Adawso in the Kwahu south district was not only the canoe racing but swimming competition,Tug of peace and free style display were also included.
The free style display introduced by Kwahu Republic is a type of game where over 100 rubber balls are spread on the river and they will be allowed to pick them up using their canoe in which one ball will be a point.
The motive behind the event is to create enabling evironment  to the youth and people in the various communities in Kwahu especially those around the Afram river who wants to
explore their talents.
The 20 communities who lived along the Afram River and  took part in the competition were grouped into 4.

After the sumation of all the various sports events, Adawso were  crowned as 2019 champions of Kwahu Republic  Canoe racing competition.They won the ultimate prize of GH¢ 5000 Including gifts.

Bonkrase and Tokrom won the second and third positions and they were given GH¢ 4000 and GH¢2500 respectively while Gardokope and Kwame Dwamena took GH¢1000 and gifts each for 4th and 5th positions respectively.
There were lots of government dignitaries at the event to support the program which includes The District Chief Executive Of Kwahu South District, Hon. Emmanuel Ofori Atta and The District Chief Executive Of Kwahu East , Hon Isaac Agyapong.

In an interview with The DCE Of Kwahu South, Hon. Emmanuel Ofori Atta comended the event organizers for such a wonderful program.He therefore encouraged them to keep it and promised to give his support to the next edition.

Mr.Frank Safo Danchie who's the manager in terms of business and an event planner of Kwahu Republic in his remark said the event was very successful although there were some few lapses yet the maiden edition was okay and promised the next year event will be much better.He gave thanks to all the dignitaries ,the media team,the various communities who took place and the entire event planners of Kwahu Republic.
He finally disclosed that there are some upcoming events which includes The Bliss On The Hills in December and Inter community soccer in February.

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By: KwahuNiba

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