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Sunday, September 29, 2019

The maiden edition of jungle night party held at Kwahu Twenerase jungle forest

Okwawuman TV in collaboration of Kwahu Tourism Initiative(KTI) along side Lets Tour Kwahu(letstourkwahu) yesterday September 28th 2019 hosted dozens of tourists  from different countries across the globe for the maiden edition of Jungle Night Party at Kwahu Tweenedurase Jungle Forest.

The program began with a burn fire and a brief history of the cave of life ,outlined to the people gathered at the starting point of the jungle.The journey began in the jungle when the talking drum started led by Mr. Okuraseni Kwaku Bediako holding a fire flame made of palm branches which is locally known as "Tani".Tani is mostly use today by palm wine tappers and farmers  to set fire but was used by our fore-fathers as lights especially when they were going to war or traveling.

The motive behind the jungle night party was to tell the story of Kwahu and to have a feel of how their forefathers who fought for the Land of Kwahu went through and how they lived.

Living in the jungle especially in the night when you only hear the sound of crickets and other animals crying in the night without electricity,no mobile phones nor internet,how would you feel?.

After going through the jungle forest with all these experience, next the biggest challenge 
is to enter the cave of life and have another experience.
The Twenedurase cave of life is a very big rock mountain which have caves where our fore fathers used to live or hide during wars and to protect themselves against their enemies.d

One can imagine how humans can walk through this big and amazing rock with these slippery and scary movement, but to get the whole scenario unless one experience and testify it.

In the cave, we were asked to put off all our lights including our mobile phones,anfter,a minute silence was observed to honor and remember our ancestors and all our wishes were made.

After moving from the cave, we had to return back to the starting point of the jungle but this time not in the jungle forest but through the main road  to where the night party was held but before then the drummer welcomed us with the talking drums.
The main party started after the people shared their experiences and how it felt to live in the jungle especially in the night.
There were lots of ,khebab,roasted chicken,fried yams, and many more along side fresh palm wine and different type of drinks both soft and hard ones.

Finally, we all sat by the fire side when the main history was told and some few questions ad answered.A Nigerian tourist also gave his tale and was very interesting.

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By: KwahuNiba ( 0240783240 )

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