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Monday, September 30, 2019

Suspected thief shot dead at Kwahu Pepease

A young man believed to be in his twenty's(20s) on wednesday  shot dead at Kwahu Pepease in the Kwahu East District in Eastern Region of Ghana.

The young man who's name was given as Eshun, a resident of Pepease found dead on Wednesday morning around 6 am, about 300 meters away from where he was shot,near the Central Pentecoast Church,Pepease Assembly when heading towards Apatoa  Oasis.

In an interview with some Residents in the area, the young man was very calm and it will be difficult to tag him as a thief but people always complain of their goods being stolen and they don't know the one behind it.
According to them,Pepease now a days has become a home for armed robbers.Few months ago, a group of armed robbers attacked a poultry farm company in the same town and one of their workers was shot in the leg and they took amount of over GH¢10000 and their mobile phones.

Mr. Abu, a resident of Pepease made a report to Abetifi Police command that he was the one who shot the young man.
Mr. Abu disclosed to the police that his wife's shop was robbed 3 days before the incident. He said, I'm a Shepard man so I do go in the night to watch over my animals in a different place since they're being stolen by unknown people,I decided to stay home that very night and watch my wife's shop since she went to buy goods from market to be sold.My wif's shop is directly opposite our room so while I was still watching,I saw someone opening the shop, he opened the first padlock and moving on to the second one and that was where I took my gun,shot him through my window,I saw him jumping the wall behind the shop the and a bowl containing tomatoes and onions was on the wall.I'm sure he went to steal from another place before coming to my wife's shop, he added.

According to the source, the mother of the Eshun confessed that her son has been violent now a days and he even warned them not to enter his room else he will kill them.
Some food stuffs like yams, maize and others including unknown amount of money were found in his room.

By: KwahuNiba

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