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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Kwahu: Check out the various programs for the weekend.

The best place to spend your weekend is Kwahu.
Yenko Kwahu festival were celebrated successfully few days ago and there are other  programs scheduled for the weekend. Kwahu is known for easter celebrations in Ghana but has now become the best place for tourism.

There are lots of tourists places like the Twenedurase cave of life,Air jays 877 steps to the mountain top,Zipline,Canopy walk,Butuasi water falls,Bruku Rock and many others .
As the month of September  declared by the government of Ghana through the Ghana Tourism Authority as Tourism month, few program has been scheduled for the weekend at the Kwahu mountains.
Get in touch and spend your weekends in Kwahu.

Okwawuman TV in collaboraion with Kwahu Tourism Initiatives are inviting all to the Jungle Night Party at Kwahu Twenedurase Jungle Forest.The night party will start at 7:00 pm on Saturday 28th September,2019 at the Jungle. The leaders will tell the history behind the cave of life and how our forefathers used to hide during wars.After telling Kwahu tales and stories, we will walking through the forest  the same night to the cave of life led by traditional drums.Get fresh palm wine,khibab and other delicious local foods at the jungle.

Contact: 024 920 2869 for more info

Other programes includes West African King Of The Mountain Cycling Championship,Fun Fly at the Odwenanoma mountains at Kwahu Atibie,Canoe Racing by Kwahu Republic at Afram plains ,Kwahu Adawso and more.

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