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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How to reduce rural urban migration in Kwahu, concerned citizens shared their opinion

Some concerned citizens of Kwahu have expressed their views on how to reduce rural- urban migration in Kwahu area.

Kwahu's are known to be business oriented and rich people in Ghana.Although, there are lots of beatiful and luxurious mansions in the area,not forgetting the lovely and condusive weather condition, yet most of them do travel to defferent  parts of the country especially Greater Accra region after completion of school.

Some citizens from the area made their suggestions on social media when Mefiri Kwahu published a question on "how to minimize rural urban migration" in their area on their social media platforms across. decided to publish the suggestions for the authorities to read as we aimed to sell Kwahu to the world and make it a home for tourists.

Below are suggestions made by some concerned citizens of Kwahu on Mefiri Kwahu social media platforms ;

First Opinion

 Sam Bediako Asante - Facebook
Mobile: 0277518634

Kwahuman should take seriously the issue of the 1D1F policy of the government.

Nkawkaw, as l formerly know had so many Medium-scale industries but with time they have all collapsed. And it seems all the young richmen have their eyes only on making it big in Accra and Kumasi. If they can be encouraged to look back home to establish such Small and Medium-scale enterprises in Kwahu, the migration would be minimised.

Tourism in Kwahu should be greatly enhanced to making it an all-year affair and not for only Easter; and now that hotels are springing up in the area tourism has great potential. Let the youth get involved in this service to create the needed resources for this tourism industry. Kwahu has got a lot to show for it; and the conducive weather will also add to such patronage.

Authorities in Kwahu should get the Ghana Tourist Authority (GTA) and the Ghana Tourism Development Company (GTDC) to establish their offices in either Nkawkaw, Mpraeso or Abetifi to get things moving. South Africa is doing it the same way throughout their Provinces, and hope Kwahu can do the same for the tourism business.

I am ready to help in that direction if the need be as an SA Specialist of South African Tourism in Ghana.
Or through :

Second Opinion

Nkosinathi Kojo Kwaakye - Facebook

To me it's all about Industrialising. I believe kwahu nation got it all to stand out as one of Gh mining town prone with tourist sites right from the mountain down to top. Each kwahu town got a unique something they are tagged of. Eg. Asanka, atadwe, mangoes, cashews so many not talking of afram plains koraa mpo. if we should stand in for tourism and factories set ups the Republic of Kwahu will be on hope of the nation. We have everything.

Kwahu can be a reserve For just tourist even just that ghana will change in a day.

Third Opinion

Michael Nyarko - Facebook

Creating more job opportunities and granting loans to the youths to engage in self employment. Especially the farmers, traders etc.

And after that we use the tourist sites we have in Kwahu to organize programs which will bring a lot of foreigners to the Mountain. This will create good market to the traders.

My opinion.

Fourth Opinion

Kofi Kissi - Facebook

1.Kwahu shld b d hub of tourism in Ghana with that entrepreneurs will automatically take advantage of that n initiate ventures that may employ our youth

2. More tertiary institutions shld b set up to take most of our home grown talents

3. Incentives shld b attached to service of graduate Natives who hails from Kwahu n want to serve d community after graduating

4.Locally grown crops shld b assigned to a Local factory to refine n manufacture them to finished product in so doing create employment to both d factory workers, local farmers n

Fifth Opinion

Kofi Omari Boateng - Facebook

The reason behind the migration of the Kwahu folks to the cities is mainly  to seek greener pastures. As my colleagues have earlier on stated, we need more jobs there. About 90% of of the youths  who travel to the cities, go there to look for jobs to improve their standard of living. Some of us have regretted coming to the cities but we have no option. Sometimes, when we  come back to Kwaku and we compare ourselves to our colleagues who are serious there making life, they are better off than some of us in the cities. You see, cost of living there is relatively low,  the weather climate is good,  the kind of pressure and stress in the cities are absent there and so any time that I go back to my hometown I wished not coming back to the city but is impossible. So if more jobs will be created, very vibrant markets to support all kinds of businesses, farmers will get ready market for their products, banks will be willing to offer credit facilities, I think Kwaku would be a nice place to live.

Sixth Opinion

Dr. Patrick Nana Asiedu - Obo Kwahu

Solutions to rural-Urban migrations

The solutions to the problems of rural-Urban migration include: 1. Provision of social amenities: The provision of social amenities such as water, electricity, cinemas, roads and telephones in rural areas will go a long way in reducing the rate at which youth move to Urban areas,and more over to creating jobs, establishing companies ,building hospitals and high level educations like nursing training sch and universities.

~ Dr. Patrick Nana Asiedu ~
       From kwahu Obo
   God bless KWAHU.

Seventh Opinion

Eric Kofi Asiedu - Obo Kwahu

I also believe the creation of specialized jobs that can be sustained will reduce the current trend of
rural - urban migration.
The mountainous nature of Kwahu and its environs makes it important to focus on tourism investment which is a natural endowment of the people of Kwahu.
Investment should be made into more tourist site discoveries, development, maintenance and promotion to create direct and indirect jobs for our people.
Another idea is to invest in more educational institution through partnership with government and non - government institutions to have branches in kwahu and its environs.
These kinds of investments will require only prudent management and maintenance culture to sustain them.
Agro - based manufacturing companies are a good idea but will be difficult to sustain in Kwahu due to the nature of our landscape.
 However, they can be strategically located to make use of readily available resources.
Few of such locations will be Aduamoa and Nkawkaw .
but I believe tourism and educational investment should be given the priority while agro - based factories are considered for medium and long term development.

Eric Kofi Asiedu
Obo - kwahu

By: KwahuNiba Kwaku Ansong

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