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Monday, August 5, 2019

Video+Photos: Mefiri Kwahu maiden meeting held at Royal Dede Hotel

Executive Members Of Mefiri Kwahu
Few weeks ago, reported that one of the vibrant Kwahu youth club called Mefiri Kwahu will hold their meeting this month and was held successfully yesterday at Royal Dede Golden Beach Resort,Korle Gonno,Accra.

Although most of the members couldn't attend the meeting yesterday due to lots of program schedule over the weekend but those who was present was able to express their views and suggestions that made the program became a memorable one.

The 3 hour meeting started when Florence Animwaa(member) gave an open prayers to usher the program into the hands of the Lord.
The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ansong Ebenezer(KwahuNiba) who is the vice-chairman of the club with the reason being that Mr. Albert Ossei who is the chairman of the club is not in town.

After the vice Chairman rendered apologies to the members as to why the Chairman couldn't make it to the meeting, introduction of the executives to the members had to be made so that members will know who is working on their behalf.The names of the executives was given as;
Mr. Albert Ossei-Chairman

Mr. Ebenezer Ansong-Vice Chair

Mr. Edward Anim Asamoah

Mr. Emmanuel Barima Amankwah- P.R.O

Mr. Samuel Obeng Osei-Financial Secretary

Mr. James Ofori Adjei- Male Organizer

Mr. Prince Darko- Protocol officer
Mr. Osei Emmanuel- Treasure

Miss. Priscilla Boakye Frimpong-Female Organizer
After the introduction of the executives, Mr. Edward Asamoah Anim who is the secretary explained to the members the purpose of the group,their aims and objectives , laws and other vital information about the club.He also presented the clubs certificate to the members and ask them to spread the news to Kwahu citizens out there to join the club.

Mr. Emmanuel Barimah Amankwah who is the Public Relations Officer also continue by allowing the members to ask questions and bring their suggestion.Some of the vital questions asked was about the dues,time of their meetings and many others concerning their constitution.After the questions they all agreed to have their subsequent meeting at Lapaz,Accra and it will be in first week of every month starting from next month.Their next meeting was therefore scheduled on September 1st 2019.

A closing prayer was given by Mr. Osei Emmanuel (Treasure) and the meeting ended but All the group went on to take pictures which was a fantastic moment.

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By: KwahuNiba Kwaku Ansong

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