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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Sad News from Kwahu:Percy Jackson confirms the death of his dancing partner Prince Jackson

Percy Jackson confirmed the dead of his partner Prince Jackson  after it was seen in news for  hours.Percy Jackson is a talented teacher at Obo Kwahu who uses different strategies to teach his students.He was seen in a documentation  on different platforms across the world including British Broadcasting Coperation (BBC) documentary.
One of their popular video which caught the public attention and took them to world was "Omo Ada" video.

As part of his unique way of teaching his students, he now work with  AMO Program which seeks to help  improve the quality of education by implementing AMO Learning Materials (ALMs). Especially for children, experiencing through playing is a good way of learning. Through puzzling, building, identifying, combining, arranging, sorting and playing, children come in contact with the basics of numeracy, literacy, creativity, problem solving and moral values.

Information reaching indicate that one of Percy Jackson's dancing partners who is also his pupil  of Kwahu Obo Presby Primary l and had him featured on their popular video "Omo Ada" is dead.According to sources, the young boy fell down and banged his head on the ground but he seemed well after and since his parents didn't see any vissible injuries they assumed he was fine.He was pronounce dead at Kwahu Government Hospital , Atibie Kwahu.

According to the doctor, the boy died as a result of internal bleeding since proper medical attention was not taken after 5 days.The death of the young boy has put the inhabitants of Obo Kwahu in a state of mourning.His body remains at Kwahu Government Hospital Atibie but he would be buried soon.
Percy  confirmed the death of his partner after he wrote it on his Facebook page
"RIP Prince Jackson"

Watch the video below

By: KwahuNiba Kwaku Ansong

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