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Monday, July 29, 2019

Video:Ashantis and Kwahu's are too tribalistic-Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro- Founder ,Alabata International Church
Over the weekend, The founder and leader of Glorious Waves Church International ,Prophet Emmanuel  Badu Kobi has been in the news after he was seen in a video making a tribalistic statement about Ashantis and the Fantes tribes.
In the video, he said "Ashanti women are greedy and Fante women are fools".

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi made this state statement when he was giving a sermon at church service.According to him, he has done his research and he has already told his Sons not to marry Ashanti woman because they're greedy, ungrateful and materialistic.He said " there's something they used say  Asante Nkae(Ashantis are ungrateful), if you marry an Ashanti woman, you have invited problem for your self, he added.
Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi- Founder and leader of Glorious Waves Church International

Another statement he made was about Fante and Ewe women.He said Fante woman are sometimes  foolish but Ewe women are door mats, unlike the Ashanti women , they're eyes are red looking for properties and goods to take home whiles their mother is at the conner infinfluencing them.

People on social media and the main stream media have started bashing him for making such statement.Some Radio personalities like Afia Pokua have started threatening to go on street to demonstrate against him if he doesn't apologize to women.She posted it on her facebook page indicating that;

Another statement made by the founder and leader of Alabasta International Church Prophet Kofi Oduro has also started going viral on social media.

In the video, Prophet Kofi Oduro said the Ashantis and the Kwahu's are too tribalistic, they think they're the only human being and thats why they always discriminate  against the Ewes,Krobos,Northners and Housa's.

Another serious statement he made was that these two tribes are sabotaging the Npp government because they wanted an Ashanti to be the president and since he's not from those two tribes , they want the government to fail so they can say the Akyems are not good when it comes to governance

Watch the video below

By: KwahuNiba Kwaku Ansong.

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