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Friday, July 26, 2019

Mefiri Kwahu to hold their maiden meeting on August 4.

Mefiri Kwahu is an initiative, setup by an organized group of Kwahu youths which seek to
empower, encourage, develop and serve the individual and families of the deplorable Kwahu
communities.Mefiri Kwahu as the name implies is for every individual who hails from the land of Kwahu in the eastern region of Ghana.

Few months ago, a membership registration form was realesed for all individuals who hails from Kwahu to register and become full time members.
After series of advertisement on all their social media platforms across , lots of people from Kwahu have shown interests  which has taken them to a different level.

Although a health walk and a clean up exercise was organized by some various Kwahu communities through Mefiri Kwahu during the easter festivities ,their next agenda is to have their maiden meeting which will be on 4th August 2019.

People from different communities of Kwahu like Nkawkaw,Mpraeso,Bepong,Atibie,Obomeng,Asakraka,Abetifi,Nkwatia,Twenedurase,Abene,Aduamoa,Tafo,Pepease,Nteso,Obo,Bokuruwa,Praso, and others have registered.Although all these people live in different places in Ghana and overseas but they're being expected to be present.

The executives of Mefiri Kwahu came out with the date of their general maiden meeting which will be held on August 4 2019, 12:30pm at Royal Dede Golden Beach Hotel at Korle Gonno, Accra.In an interview with the chairman, Mr. Albert Ossei told Okwawuman TV that ,the reason why the meeting will be held in Accra is because 85% of the registered members live in Accra.Although some members live in Kwahu and its evirons and even overseas yet Accra records the largest percentage of members, He said.

Speaking with the Public Relations Officer, Mr.Emmanuel Barima Amankwah  told Okwawuman TV that Mefiri Kwahu is a big initiative since it aimed to help its members individuals and families in Kwahu.We have good intentions for Kwahu, there are lots of issues that needs to be addressed so every individual from Kwahu should get registered and join us, He said. We dont need to wait for easter before we visit kwahu,when you read our aims and objectives, we have a lot of projects in our minds.We are a registered club and so lets all come together and build our home,he added.

They also oulined some of their aims and oblectives,Vision,mission and benefits if being a member of Mefiri Kwahu.Below is their motive


Building collective efforts to help promote and encourage the needy
especially in the deplorable Kwahu communities.


Our vision is to be the vibrant group which will help promote and sell Kwahu to the world
and build a collective effort to support the needy.


1. To help promote education in the deplorable communities.
2. To create means for providing medical assistance to the various Kwahu communities,
especially the needy.
3. To help generate training programmes for self-employed women and educate them on
how to support themselves.
4. To promote adult education.
5. To help improve sanitation by providing garbage bins and organizing clean up
exercise to help improve and maintain social amenities in the various Kwahu
6. To help promote tourism in Kwahu and to change the idea that Kwahu is only meant
for Easter festivities.
7. To help individuals who wish to embark on projects in their communities to deliver.
Mefiri Kwahu can be of help to any individual or group who wish to embark on such
8. To research and help discover more tourist destinations in Kwahu.
9. To be the mouth piece of Kwahu by serving as intermediaries between the people of
Kwahu and the government.


Being a member of Mefiri Kwahu has a lot of benefits.
Beneficiary of members after one and half years;
Out of the 50%.
1. Books and honorarium annually regional or zonal level [school going members] on credit
2.10%   of their hostel fee will be payed[school going members].
3. Facilitators to train members on business creation such as soap making, food processing,
ready market business and etc. with a 40% of fee played for  members.
4. Linking of members seeking apprentice and apprenticeship of their interest.
5. Giving of mentorship on job assistance .i.e.; helping to enlighten members who wish to
have business of their kind.
6. Educating members on job opportunities and the processing of smoothing it at a durable
7. Helping members to be independent in business and finance at durable cost i.e. 40% of the
fee charged will be paid by the association.
8. Other benefits of members will be communicated to members whiles we grow stronger.
9. Parties. A party would be organised annually for members during Easter.
10. Tourist venues. One shall get the opportunity to visit the various tourists’ attraction within the Kwahu regions.
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By:  KwahuNiba Kwaku Ansong.

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